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Youth Tour Essay Topics

Youth Tour Essay Topics


 “Describe how electric cooperatives operate based on the seven cooperative principles. Tell which of the seven cooperative principles you think is the most important and why?”

“How are electric cooperatives different from other electric utilities?”

“What are the biggest challenges facing electric cooperatives today? How can cooperatives effectively meet those challenges?”

“How can you become a more responsible energy manager in your own home?”

“The top three things I can do to save energy.”

 “How does energy efficiency affect you as an individual member and the cooperative as a whole?”

“Energy efficiency and conservation remain hot topics as they have a considerable impact on the utility industry as well as the world in general. In your opinion, what is the most significant effect that energy efficiency and conservation have on our society?”


Additional Options:

1. We’ve grown accustomed to having electricity on demand in the world we live in such as clicking a remote control to turn on a TV, using a computer, playing video games, or charging our cell phones. Describe the impact on your life and community in a world without electricity.

2. Describe the cooperative business model. Give examples of why this model works for your electric cooperative and the members that it serves.

3. You are in charge of the energy efficiency program at your school. Describe ways you would recommend for your school to use electricity more efficiently.


Online Resources (not limited to): (Minnesota Rural Electric Association) (Electric Cooperative Youth Tour)



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